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Founder of We Are Digital, Gareth O’Rourke started the business after working 20 years client side, both as a business owner and heading up digital marketing teams. His frustration with many agencies is that they didn’t understand the commercial needs of a business and worked in a very silo way, digital isn’t a silo process and neither is running a business, he wanted to change this by first of all understanding the business needs and then building digital campaigns and infrastructure from that, so that both the agency and client were working as one, integrated, which is what any digital marketing campaign should be. 

His last role was heading up the multi brand fashion business CHO, where over 5 years with the company as Director of International E-Commecre and Buying he grew the UK website by over 300%, launched internationally through numerous channels and launched a dedicated German website. Gareth also won numerous awards including the prestigious Drapers Digital Award for best Digital Marketing Campaign beating Miss Guided, Very and Mr Porter. Before this he headed up the digital for numerous travel and tourism business both in the holiday cottage sector and luxury resort sectors and helped those business add significant revenue through improving their entire digital footprint.

We Are Digital isn’t just about one person though we are a group of industry experts each specialists in their own fields of digital, who all want to improve, educate and innovate the digital space by working with our partners as part of their business to achieve the best possible outcomes, each one hand picked for their extensive skillset and likeminded approach.

With over 50 years combined experience, we have all excelled within our fields within the digital space winning numerous awards for the integrated campaigns we have created. More importantly we have driven significant revenue growth through the use of digital marketing and strategies throughout the years we have worked within the sector. 

Gareth O’Rourke founder of We Are Digital “Digital marketing doesn’t need to be confusing, we work with clients to help simplify their digital footprint, while delivering results. We are also very honest about what you are able to achieve and how, if we think your goals are unrealistic, then we will tell you, we are not an agency that offers false promises to win a contract, we want to build a long term relationship with the people we work with.”

We offer a range of solutions and work with businesses of all sizes and budgets to help you gain market share.

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