Content Marketing Agency in Cumbria

Content is King and We Are Digital are here to help with all your content marketing needs from concept to creation, using a combination of digital marketing tools to create content that truly adds value. 

We always start this process with an audience analysis to understand who your customers are, who your potential customers are, what demographic are they and what they and your potential customers are interested in. Our team then uses various digital marketing software platforms and data sources to identify opportunities and the potential success of those opportunities. We then sit down as a team and have an ideation session which will form the concept for your content. Our team then use an integrated approach to content creation, understanding what channels you want to use the content for and how we can help you achieve the best possible reach and results for your content.

Content should always be about relevancy with your audience, it should be engaging and build authority on the subject and if you really want to win at content become an authority on that subject, that’s how you build organic reach.

When thinking about content, you should be thinking about how you are going to distribute that through all the various marketing channels, blogs, pr, outreach, social and paid media, this is where we can help by setting out a clear plan. 

We are able to offer content reviews for your website and create content plans that you and your business can choose to manage, or you can choose to take us on for your full content management. We have an adaptable approach to everyone we work with as every business is unique.

Get in touch with us below about your content marketing needs and a member of our team will be back in touch with you