Email Marketing Services in Cumbria

Email marketing is an important part of the digital marketing mix, it sees a higher return on investment, often around 40:1, it is also a channel that is an audience that are already familiar with your brand and more likely to engage with marketing communication. 

We can assist with all elements of your e-mail marketing needs, if it isn’t something that you don’t have in place then we can advise on the right platforms to be using and how to best integrate those with your website platforms. We can help analyse your audience and how to make the most of your data and help implement email marketing strategies to engage your audience. We can also help with segmentation, personalisation, and automation to help you make the most of your email marketing efforts. Like with all digital marketing we deploy a Test, Optimise and Innovate framework to help you make the most from this service. 

We can also help with how to grow your email database while making sure you do not fall fowl of the GDPR regulations and keeping your database fully compliant. 

We can also help just do an audit of your current activity and help make recommendations for your own in-house team to deploy.

If you would like to have a chat about email marketing, then drop us a message below.