Paid Media & PPC Agency in Cumbria

PPC and Paid Media Marketing 

Here at We Are Digital we are obsessed about data and experimentation and that with great copy and creative, you can be sure that your paid media budgets will be working hard for you, to return that all important return on investment. 

We operate over the B2B, D2C and B2B sectors and utilise the full suite of platforms available including Google, Google Shopping, Bing, Bing Shopping, Social Media, Video, Programmatic Television Advertising, Amazon and E-Bay Paid Media and Display Ads. 

We don’t believe that everyone is the same, so your paid media campaigns should reflect this. We use in depth analysis to help build audience segments, we use a test and learn mentality throughout the business and continually adapt the paid media campaigns to help you stay ahead of your competitors. 

We Are Digital has experience of running paid media campaigns for SME’s and has experience of managing everything for a few thousand pounds right though to those businesses operating multi-million-pound budgets.

Type of Paid Media Opportunities.

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are a huge part of the majority of businesses marketing efforts and Google have market dominance when it comes to search, so by operating in this space your giving yourself a greater opportunity of reaching a wider audience. If you would like us to manage your paid media search ads then we will research competitor activity and benchmark your campaigns against these, gather data insights and create compelling ad copy to help your search ads work harder for you, while constantly monitoring bids and impression share and making tweaks to help maximise your ROI. 

Google Shopping 

Google shopping campaigns are used in the e-commerce space for those selling their products online. This is a great way of pushing potential new customers to your websites where the user is shown an image of a product when they search for a product type and depending on what sector you operate in and your average transaction value, you can expect to see a range of between 10% and 35% cost of sale in this space, this does depend on how saturated your particular space is. We can help build campaigns that deliver lower than industry average marketing costs as a percentage of sale though including and excluding the right products and search term triggers and making sure your feed is optimised the best it can be to maintain impression share for the right products. 

Bing Search Ads 

Bing Search Ads are the same as Google’s, although they only take about 10% of all searches made in the UK It’s still a great market to enter and with much less competition, the CPC’s tend to be slightly less than they are on Google, although we always recommend using it as an addition to Google rather than an instead of Google, as otherwise your brand simply isn’t being seen by the majority of search activity. 

Bing Shopping 

Bing Shopping works on the same principles as Google shopping and like Bing Search can see lower CPC’s but we do recommend using it as an addition to rather than an instead of Google. Budgets will often determine on how many channels you are able to operate on effectively. 

Paid Social 

Paid Social offers up huge opportunities, from those who want to use it to retarget their customers that have been on their websites to keep your brand at the forefront of the consumers mind to those looking to run a social prospecting campaign using audience insights to target the most relevant people. Nearly all social media channels now run paid options, although not all will be right for your business, the most popular ones are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

Amazon Advertising.

Amazon run their own paid media platform within the seller central section of the Amazon platform. Amazon level of functionality isn’t as in depth as what it is when running campaigns within Google and depending on what sector you operate in the Cost of Sale can be quite high, however many people use Amazon paid to help them get pushed up the organic rankings within Amazons algorithm as sales velocity has an impact where you appear within the search results, so running paid can often have a positive impact on sales of the same product organically. If you would like help setting up your Amazon paid media then we can do this or manage it on your behalf. 

Programmatic Advertising 

If you would like help setting up programmatic advertising, then we can help with this. If it’s looking for a partner to run your display advertising then we can help set this process up, or if you’re looking to venture into the world of programmatic television advertising we can assist you with this and help manage the full process for you. Programmatic is a great way of targeting the right people at the right times, based on a pre-defined set of criteria. 

No matter what your budget please get in touch and let us know a little more about your paid media requirements, we can help with everything from a paid media strategy right through to full paid media management.