Search Engine Optimisation Agency Cumbria

SEO is an essential part of any marketing strategy is an integral part of any integrated digital marketing campaign. Our aim is to help you drive as much relevant traffic to your website by growing your organic visibility in a sustainable way by using the full range of SEO tactics as possible. 

How we work 

Stage 1
We will use a range of software to help identify SEO opportunities and benchmark you against your competitors and identify the potential commercial value of those opportunities. 

Stage 2
We will then run a website audit to identify any technical issues that could be impacting your ability to rank organically and make recommendations for your dev team or developer to deploy. As part of this process we also look at any design issues with your site that could be impacting the ability for a customer to convert and will make UX recommendations as part of that audit. 

Stage 3
We will look at your existing content across your site and how that is currently ranking and look at making recommendations for improvement of that content. 

Stage 4
We will then make put in place a SEO plan which will include the following elements. 

– Meta Data improvements and implementation
– Sitemap Optimisation
– Correction of any error code 404’s
– Canonical Tag checking and implementation & removal of duplicate content where needed
– Technical recommendations
– Internal link analysis and implementation
– External link building
– Content creation
– Schema Mark-up analysis

It does not stop there; we will constantly review and improve your SEO performance. SEO is something that needs to be invested in longer term, it isn’t like paid media where you see instant results it’s something that can take a number of months before you start seeing increases in your organic position and website traffic through SEO. It is also an area than many businesses neglect and then wonder why other businesses who have invested in it are outperforming them in the same industry. 

Why not drop us a little more information about what it is your looking for and one of our team can get in touch with you.