Website Design & Branding Agency in Cumbria

Website Design and Build

We offer website development for all industries and prices start from £500 plus hosting right through to those looking for a fully integrated website with bespoke functionality. We use several website technologies to help build our clients websites and they include WordPress and Umbraco and we also work with other industry leaders to help those looking to start their ecommerce journey.

The process will usually start with a consultation call, talking about what you are looking to achieve by starting your digital journey for the first time or for those who want a website redevelopment. We will then set a date to meet to talk about your project in more detail and the type of functionality, design and integration needs and from this we will set out a project scope and price that we send out. Once that’s agreed, we can start your project. 

We always offer training on the CMS system for your website so that you and your team have the confidence on taking on management of the day to day elements of running a website. 

One of the areas we often get asked to be involved in at this stage is the content for the website, if this is something that you would like us to help create then please do let us know and we can include that as any quote we send across.


We can help you with your brand, branding is one of the most important parts of a business, it’s how the customer identifies you and the way you communicate your brand is vital to any businesses success. 

When designing a brand, we start with a competitor analysis, to understand how those in your industry are communicating with their consumers. We will then sit down with you to understand who your business is, what you stand for, who you think your consumer is or who you want your consumer to become. We will also do research on how your businesses is perceived by other people. From this information our team will help create your brand and develop a tone of voice for your business along with brand guidelines. 

If your looking for a new website or branding, then please get in touch with a little more information below and one of our team will be right back to you.